WizNucleus Releases New Automation Features in Cyberwiz-Pro for NERC v5 CIP-010 Requirements

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The new features in Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) will greatly automate the configuration change control process as well as centralize the collection of evidence from multiple disparate processes.

New York, NY September 21, 2015

WizNucleus, a leading provider of critical infrastructure cyber security compliance management software, today announced the release of several new automation features in their CWP software product for NERC.

Optimized for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and the operations technology (OT) environment in the energy industry sector, CWP for NERC is a product built specifically for critical infrastructure cyber security compliance management. CWP is the only product that supports all the CIPs in one single product, and it has unmatched depth and breadth to track compliance across the enterprise silos.

“CIP v5, specifically CIP -010, presents new challenges to the businesses that operate Bulk Electric System Cyber Assets. We have invested heavily in the development of our CWP product to deliver preconfigured functionality to automate a number of tasks associated with NERC CIP v5 compliance management. Our focus is not only the streamlining the collection of evidence and data required for establishing auditable compliance, but improving security assurance through robust automation of the change control process,” said Satish Talekar, CTO of WizNucleus.

CWP for NERC has the following key advantages to support the creation of a consistent, error-free and sustainable NERC CIP compliance program:

  1. The business processes built into the tool that map specifically to NERC CIP V5.
  2. Centralize existing asset information by importing from existing spreadsheets, databases, and other asset management tools.
  3. Automatically discover assets and attributes such as ports, services, system software and users.  Adding assets quickly through cloning as well as pre-populated asset templates making it easier to add detailed attributes of all devices, including industrial control systems (ICS) devices.
  4. Wizard-driven cyber asset classification techniques.
  5. Providing a closed-loop workflow for change management allowing for click-through assessments of the change requests with change impact analysis, and features for automatically keeping the baseline up to date.
  6. Configuration Integrity Monitoring (CIM) ensuring any change to the baseline is approved.
  7. Centralized vulnerability analysis expedites the assessment process using grouping techniques.
  8. Automated evidence gathering, reports and dashboards specific to NERC CIP V5 come pre-defined and standard.
  9. Pre-defined integration with other compliance tools such as and asset databases and SIEM adds value out of the box to the customer implementation.
  10. Creating an overall better and well managed compliance program.

About WizNucleus

Headquartered in New York, NY. WizNucleus is a leading provider of cyber security compliance software products. The company is focused on delivering specialized software solutions to fast track compliance in the critical infrastructure.

WizNucleus Media Contact:
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