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Find out why WizNucleus solutions are trusted by some of the largest enterprises.

STP Nuclear Operating Company
Energy Northwest - A Clean Energy Generation & Public Power Solutions
Cyber Security Solutions For Entergy Electric Power Generation Distribution Company
Wiznuclues Cybersecurity Solutions For Vistra Energy Company
Cyber Security Solutions for Dominion Energy
Physical Security Solutions for Dairyland Power Cooperative
Wiznuclues Cybersecurity Solutions For Pattern Energy
Wiznucleus Cyber Security Solutions For Arizona G&T Cooperatives


Helping Mission Critical
Facilities Remain Secure and Compliant

Our solutions bring new features and functionality that will improve the performance of security operations by allowing for faster assessment, detection, and interception of threats.


With just a few mouse clicks, you can group hundreds of assets/vulnerabilities for assessment. While doing vulnerability assessment, take credit for already implemented security controls and protections instantaneously.

Our software comes with integrated endpoint configuration monitoring agents and compliance workflows to help customers simplify their compliance processes.



Once you’ve identified vulnerabilities in your system, what do you do next? You have a list of threats that need mitigation measures, and


Innovative Cyber & Physical Security, and Compliance Solutions for Mission-Critical Facilities.

Our goal is to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to our customers to help them build and maintain secure facilities with reduced efforts and costs.


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