TrakER for Regulatory Tracking

Automate Regulatory Requirement Tracking

Intelligent administrative tracking and monitoring software

Developed in partnership with Utility Services, the industry experts in regulatory standards and controls, TrakER is an intuitive, actionable, and hierarchical tree view of the most up-to-date NERC CIP and O&M standards (PRC, FAC, EOP, VAR, etc.). Click your way to greater reliability performance and productivity.  

Discover how TrakER can deliver immediate benefits to your organization.


Consolidated data management

A tracking-tree, showing requirements and current compliance status

Color-coded escalation and notification system

Alerts and email notification on critical deadlines

Comprehensive reports showing past and future performance


Gives you administrative control of your regulatory compliance program

Reduces resource requirements and improves the quality of your program

Lowers the total cost of compliance

Bolsters your ability to demonstrate compliance of the internal controls