Cybersecurity Services

Reduce cyber risk and effectively manage regulatory compliance. 

Industrial Grade Cybersecurity Solutions By WizNucleus
Increased Sophistication of attacks
Key Threat Management Services for Enterprises From WizNucleus
Increased attack surface
Enterprise IT Cyber Security Services By WizNucleus
Shortage of security skills

Industrial Grade Cybersecurity Solutions Services

Advanced cybersecurity attacks and breaches continue to rise year over year.   In addition, the technology landscape continues to broaden, increasing the attack surface.  Many companies know that they need to strengthen their cyber security defense with additional layers of advanced security solutions.   But an overloaded IT security team and lack of skills present a challenge for new cyber security projects. 

WizNucleus is here to help.  Whether it’s an assessment, advisory services, or bringing a new key security product online, WizNucleus has the skills and experience to make you stronger.

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Security Event Management (SIEM)

Advanced Threat Protection and Compliance

Network Security

Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems (IDS/IPS)

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Advanced Threat Protection across the enterprise

Endpoint Security

EDR – endpoint detection response

Cyber Security Assessments

Know where you stand

Backup and Recovery

Always be prepared


Critical digital asset (CDA) identification, inventory, and assessment

Inspection prep and SME support

Policy and procedure development, drafting, and review

Ongoing service and maintenance