WizNucleus Adds Bruce Hinkley as the Managing Director of Nuclear Services

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The combined expertise of WizNucleus and Beckman & Associates in knowledge management applications and nuclear support services will help domestic and international nuclear customers improve risk management and increase operational efficiency.

New York, NY—July 17, 2009

WizNucleus, Inc., the leading provider of knowledge management solutions for the clean energy sector, announced today that Bruce Hinkley has been appointed Managing Director of Nuclear Services, filling a senior management role for WizNucleus global nuclear services and business development. This appointment is the result of a strategic partnership between WizNucleus and Beckman & Associates, Inc. Mr. Hinkley has over 30 years of experience in the nuclear industry, including executive-level responsibilities with nuclear utilities, architect engineers and nuclear services companies. He is responsible for the management and direction of BAA’s engineering and regulatory business areas. Mr. Hinkley has extensive experience performing management-consulting services for the DOE, NRC and commercial nuclear clients. Examples of Mr. Hinkley’s previous large-scale projects include: Project Manager for the Independent Assessment of Yucca Mountain QA Programs, member of an expert panel assembled to evaluate science, engineering and operational aspects of the Hanford WTP Project, President of an engineering and construction joint venture responsible for the completion and restart of Pickering Unit 4, and Team Leader for over 25 separate nuclear utility safety system reviews. Additionally, the American Nuclear Society has recognized Mr. Hinkley for his efforts in System Engineering and inspection/assessment methodologies. Currently, he provides project management and technical support to the State of Vermont, which is conducting an independent reliability assessment of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant as it prepares for its 20-year license renewal submittal. He is also a member of the steering committee and oversight panel at Hanford WTP, providing support for their broad-based review activities focused on technical requirement flow, down to implementing processes and procedures. Mr. Hinkley possesses a BS in Analytical Management from the U. S. Naval Academy and was a Certified Chief Engineer of a nuclear submarine.

Krish Shetty, Chief Executive Officer of WizNucleus says: “We are pleased to have BruceHinkley join our senior management team. Bruce is a preeminent expert in the nuclear field. Hisoutstanding nuclear engineering and business experience will play a vital role in the rapidexpansion of WizNucleus globally.”

About WizNucleus, Inc.

WizNucleus, Inc. develops and supports knowledge management and IT services targeted at commercial nuclear industry customers globally. The WizNucleus team has outstanding prior experience developing and successfully implementing the most complex and challenging technological solutions for the private and public sectors. WizNucleus is poised to become the leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions and nuclear support services to the international and domestic markets, helping to address the safety, compliance and risk management challenges of the commercial nuclear industry. WizNucleus is headquartered in New York.

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