Cyber Security Life-Cycle Management Tool Successfully Installed

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I am really glad to report that three of our nuclear power plant CyberWiz-Pro™ licensees are making good progress implementing the tool. They have successfully completed Phase I validation testing, including setting up of their CDA databases, security plans, CSAT teams and more. And, Phase II validation testing is currently going on smoothly.  These STARS plants customers are also working on a common Security Controls Implementation Plan (NEI 10-09) which will be integrated in the very near future, once the industry doc NEI 10-09 is issued.   Our joint effort has paid off. The tool now has among other things a built-in identification for CS and CDA and has a subset for safeguards on a laptop. The plants are going to use the tool to include all their digital devices related information and the software becomes the central database for query of threats, affected components and software and automate the assessment based on this information. Their CAP program for example those things but Cyberwiz-Pro gives them a single database to track all cyber actions in real-time and is expected to saves them a lot of man hours.

Another important area in which the tool helps them with is the NEI 10-08 CS Program Reviews by external party when they come to them for information. It’s all in a database and they can access it for all information. The Records are a direct print out from the tool, so they match one for one rather than having a hybrid system which then creates more problems, from a consistency and CM stand point. This it seems is a very big concern of the NRC based on pilot walk-downs that found gaps in CM and that resulted in 100% walk-downs and documentation.

It has been a great experience working with these nuclear plant licensees, because, it turns out that a lot of what we did for the STARS is resonating well with other customers. This saves them the trouble reinventing the wheel on features. That’s a win-win for everybody.

Krish Shetty

Wiznucleus, Inc

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