WizNucleus to Present at the Upcoming NEI Workshop on April 19-20, 2010

Wiznucleus Cyber Security Services & Cyber security risk assessment

Regulation 10 CFR 73.54 requires licensees and applicants to submit to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission both a cyber security plan and an implementation schedule. The plan describes how licensees will meet the cyber security requirements of the regulation.

The Implementation Workshop will assist licensees by providing insights into the implementation of the cyber security plan. A tentative list of panel discussions and presentations include: an update on NEI 10-08 – the Cyber Security Rule Implementation Evaluation Program (Cyber IEP); NEI 10-09 – Inheritance and Common Controls; NEI 10-04, Scope of Systems; the FERC Order 706-B and Bright Line Determination process; NERC CIP standard development; identifying members for the IMP; tools and techniques for performing and optimizing assessments; an update on the development of the sector’s Roadmap to Enhanced Control System Security; and updates from NRC, EPRI, DHS and others…

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