Wiznucleus to Exhibit at ANS Winter Meeting

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Wiznucleus to exhibit at American Nuclear Society Meeting
Washington, DC Nov 15-16

Wiznucleus, the leading provider of actionable knowledge management solutions for cyber security and compliance management, will exhibit at the winter meeting of the American Nuclear Society in Washington, DC, Nov 15-17. Look for us in the conference exhibit hall at the OMNI Shoreham Hotel, 2500 Calvert St., NW. It opens at the same time as the President’s reception Sunday evening Nov 15. We will be there to talk about our knowledge management and cyber-security services for the commercial nuclear industry.

WIZNUCLEUS will exhibit a complete line of software solutions for the nuclear industry.

WIZNUKE ~ Requirements Knowledge Management ~ The WIZNUKE System is designed to improve development and review of reactor design certifications and combined operating licenses. It provides the customer with a customizable environment for management of nuclear plant licensing information. WIZNUKE is delivered based on a model of the NRC’s Standard Review Approach for nuclear plant design including One-Step Licensing and the use of “Inspections, Test, Analyses and Acceptance Criteria” (ITAAC) for operational programs.

WIZMON ~ NRC/NERC Compliant Cyber Security ~ The WIZMON tool is an appliance designed to assess and implement emerging NERC and NRC cyber security requirements, in a phased approach, for access outside the Electronic Security Perimeter. It is a fully NIST compliant tool that delivers the customer’s current and legacy applications in a cyber-secure environment. WIZMON provides high-confidence in secure access for: system administration, monitoring and updates, Internet access, off-site back-ups / disaster recovery, external hosting, as well as providing a secure portal for collaboration with off-site entities.

WIZDOM STATE Module ~ WIZDOM for the State Regulator ~ The WIZDOM STATE system provides state agencies with a highly-intuitive, user-friendly, ability to centrally manage requirements for which they are responsible either directly or in an oversight role. WIZDOM STATE includes a comprehensive “Executive Dashboard” that allows management (and other users) to quickly assess the status and timing of requirements. It provides reminders to ensure critical activities (deliverable dates, status update points, etc.) are never missed. WIZDOM STATE maintains a “change-by-change” log of all modifications made to any data in the system ensuring the chain-of-accountability is maintained and sends an Alert to the responsible individual if any requirement data or parameters are changed.

WIZDOM ~ Risk Management ~ WIZDOM delivers a life cycle risk management decision support tool, adaptable to customer requirements, that ensures the latest critical information for managing the licensing and construction of a nuclear facility is at the user’s fingertips. This module is “phase-based” automatically identifying and tracking the latest regulatory changes based on the current phase of the plant including licensing, construction, and plant status during operations.

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