Wiznucleus launches nuclear cyber-security services

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Cyber Security Services

Nuclear Cyber Security Services

Wiznucleus launches comprehensive nuclear plant cyber security readiness and compliance program

The program is designed to help utilities meet NERC/FERC and CIP compliance requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

New York – Wiznucleus has launched the company’s cyber-security solution for the nuclear energy industry. The company has exceptional information technology assets and nuclear domain expertise to leverage a successful cyber-security readiness assessments and regulatory compliance services.

Krish ShettyKrish Shetty, Wiznucleus CEO, [right] said,

“The NRC cyber-security requirements are driving changes throughout IT business processes. Our team understands NRC regulations and licensing requirements.

And we are current with best practices in cyber-security evaluation techniques. We have invested in developing the right mix of technologies and expertise to simplify the effort required to meet the regulatory requirements and on time.”

The Wiznucleus team has performed hundreds of NRC-related audits and assessments for the industry, and they know what it takes to get a passing grade Wiznucleus supports the total process for an NRC cyber security regulatory response, including compliance with Cyber Security Standards CIP-002 through CIP-009-1, and its services includes an assessment, plan, NRC submittal, and support for execution of implementation measures.

About Wiznucleus

Wiznucleus has the nuclear industry’s best and most cost-effective knowledge management platform which aggregates, correlates, and cross references a vast array of internal and external information to provide fast decision support for regulated entities. The platform includes content and collaboration services, configuration management, and document control.

The Wiznucleus team has experience developing and implementing major IT projects at nuclear facilities, government agencies, and private industry sites. The products include refresh of the enterprise architecture and legacy systems management. The firm’s cyber-security products are qualified and auditable to NQA-1 safety software standards. Wiznucleus partners with experts in compliance, licensing, and security.

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