Nuclear Cyber Security Management Software

Nuclear power plants are using WizNucleus Cyberwiz-Pro to gain control over their Cyber Security Program and remain compliant. Cyberwiz-Pro is a purpose-built software application that is accepted by the industry and has years of proven track record. Single plants as well fleets are using Cyberwiz-Pro and securing the future state of their cybersecurity program. The software has successfully incorporated many years of industry lessons-learned.

By making Cyberwiz-Pro software the primary tool for program management, the nuclear power plants can reduce the overall cost of sustaining their cybersecurity program. The software reduces reliance on cybersecurity experts and makes it easy for the engineering staff to conduct the ongoing cybersecurity activities. Cyberwiz-Pro delivers robust features and functionality to ensure fleet-wide consistency, accuracy and centralized management of a variety of life-cycle security management activities, including Critical Digital Asset (CDA) assessments, approvals, configuration management, and automated vulnerability tracking.

NEI 08-09 Cyber security Concept

  • Centralized data management
  • Detailed documentation of controls analyzed
  • Integrated configuration management
  • Highly scalable and flexible architecture
  • Support for multiple industry methodologies
  • Role-based access control
  • Dynamic change tracking
  • Flexible integration with enterprise systems
  • Advanced reporting and dashboards
  • RG 5.71/NEI 08-09 and custom security controls
  • Support for existing SCIS and processes
  • Easy data import, including paper assessments
  • Integrated configuration management
  • Integrated vulnerability assessment/tracking
  • Consistent user interface
  • Gives you control over your cybersecurity program implementation status
  • Simplifies and documents CDA assessments in a logical format
  • Ensures a “living” and compliant program
  • Eliminates duplication of work, inconsistencies, and errors
  • Enables communication across teams
  • Increases visibility into CDA life-cycle



Configuration Management Module

NEI 13-10 Support


By now you have probably realized that for effective management of cyber security implementation and to secure the future state of your program, you need a software application that is meant for the job.  Homegrown databases and tools, which severally lack the depth and functionality needed to support the complex and continuously evolving requirements are no longer the solution; they will not yield cost-effective and reliable results. WizNucleus Cyberwiz-Pro has been around for years and has a successful history of helping lower the overall cost of managing the cyber security program. Cyberwiz-Pro gives you full visibility into your program activities, including who did what, when, why, where and how.

Cyberwiz-Pro was built ground up and comes ready with security control content, nuclear business processes and automation needed to help meet the changing industry and regulatory requirements. Cyberwiz-Pro has a proven track record in the industry. Since its release in 2011, the software has gone through multiple revisions, including the support for NEI 08-09 Rev 6, NEI 13-10 v5, NEI 10-09, NEI 10-04 and the Ongoing Monitoring requirements.

A number of NPP customers have successfully deployed Cyberwiz-Pro, resulting in significant productivity gain. With unmatched depth, automation and flexibility, Cyberwiz-Pro not only helps reduce the Milestone 8 burden but also simplifies your transition from NEI 08-09 project to program.

Cyberwiz-Pro is developed on the Microsoft technology platform and is deployed as an on-premise turn-key system. It supports virtual server appliances or can be installed on customer’s physical servers.

Cybewiz-Pro is designed to help you meet various requirements of Milestone 8 and go beyond.