WizNucleus Nuclear Newsletter January 2018

Helping our Customers go Beyond Milestone 8
Learn how Cyberwiz-Pro is helping nuclear power plant customers to replace their manual assessments and building a robust and sustainable System of Record

2017 was a busy year for us. Our nuclear power plant customers have been fully leveraging the power of our software to get ready for the Milestone 8 deadline. They now have a solid System of Record and are ready for NRC inspection. They baselined their assessments after migrating the paper/manual assessments to Cyberwiz-Pro. In the process, they tackled some important improvement issues. Using Cyberwiz-Pro, they centralized, sanitized and organized their CDA assessments so that they could leverage the automation power of Cyberwiz-Pro. As part of this, they were able to validate manual assessments identifying key discrepancies, and, where necessary, applied automated corrections. They now can demonstrate that they have a robust System of Record for successful deployment of NEI 08-09 cybersecurity program that is ready for NRC inspection.

When looking beyond Milestone 8, Cyberwiz-Pro will help automate, structure and control all your future CDA assessments, reducing the overall effort–without compromising the accuracy–and minimizing any cybersecurity specialist resource requirements. Also, our customers can now enable the configuration management module in Cyberwiz-Pro (CVM). CVM will assist them with engineering MODs and can be connected to existing nuclear plant CAP program and automate cyber vulnerability tracking and evaluation.

New Cyberwiz-Pro Licensees Means More for our Customers
Find out how the WizNucleus and Cyberwiz-Pro community is growing and benefiting you, our customers.

In 2017 we added multiple new licensee of Cyberwiz-Pro platform to our growing list of customers. This is the testimony to our commitment to the industry and ongoing investment in our software platform. The additional Cyberwiz-Pro licensees means a bigger community of users. A bigger community means an increase in information sharing and the volume of customer inputs, which in turn gives us the ability to bring faster and more effective solutions to the industry. With the continued support of our customers, WizNucleus Cyberwiz-Pro is becoming truly the best of breed software platform for creating and maintaining a sustainable nuclear cybersecurity program and for meeting the challenges of regulatory and industry changes.

Looking Ahead
Learn more about the enhancements and technologies we are adding to Cyberwiz-Pro software platform and how it can benefit you.
Collecting and maintaining an up to date configuration baseline record of all their digital devices is a big challenge facing nuclear power plant customers. When looking beyond Milestone 8, configuration management becomes extremely important. Without a proper configuration management database in place, the plants will lack proper disaster recovery and roll-back capability. Also, without proper configuration management, you cannot be sure that the CDAs are patched properly to avoid exposure to new vulnerabilities. Some of our customers are giving a lot of thoughts to these issues as we move further into full implementation.

Configuration Collector – To help our customers fast-track the effort of creating and managing a configuration repository, we recently released a new software tool, the Configuration Collector. Using this simple software utility, customers can pull digital asset configurations from most devices in seconds compared to hours of manual effort as it is done currently.

As part of our effort to help our customers, we continue to invest in building new features to make Cyberwiz-Pro to become the real automation solution. In that respect, we are currently striving to incorporate, where possible, advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies including: Deep Learning, Knowledge Representation and Decision Trees in Cyberwiz-Pro. Stay tuned…


Cyberwiz-Pro Core Platform

Configuration Management Module


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