WizNucleus Releases Full Support for the latest NEI 13-10 revision to Optimize Nuclear Critical Digital Assets (CDAs) Assessment

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NEW YORK, NY – September 21, 2015
WizNucleus today announced full support for the latest version of Nuclear Energy Industry’s NEI 13-10 security controls geared towards significantly reducing the compliance effort.

NEI 13-10 is expected to simplify the burden of CDA Assessments by reducing the number of controls that are in scope for NEI 08-09.  The support for NEI 13-10 in CWP includes the workflow and the process of carrying out NEI 13-10 suggested Consequence Assessments. The new feature in the tool helps customers establish documented evidence for determining a CDA’s impact including Direct, Indirect and EP functions. A readily available set of questions aligned with the NEI 13-10 approach is made available in CWP.

Full NEI 13-10 support in CWP 4.0 comes with a long history of enhancements for fast tracking and managing a sustainable NEI 13-10 and NEI 08-09 program:

Centralized Data Management

CWP comes with built-in hooks to automate and pull together the relevant data required for CDA assessments into one single logical interface, avoiding the need for searching multiple databases during an assessment. When importing data, CWP includes the device details, and helps you determine if the CDA is Direct, Indirect or EP as detailed in NEI 13-10.

Customer Configurable SCIS

CWP accepts customers’ existing Defensive Strategy and Security Control Implementation Strategy (SCIS), and configures it right into the tool. Using your plant processes, CWP automates the Exclusion of Controls using appropriate justification for individual scenarios. To make it easy to get started, the tool comes with preconfigured baseline Attack Vector or Logic Tree approach templates.  Also, any logic can be customized and configured in the tool based on any individual plant approach.

Easy Way to Set up Assessment Batches

Deciding on a CDA assessment approach can be a difficult and time-consuming process. CWP gives you the ability to group and filter CDAs based on their attributes and other device details. The product segments the data in a way that streamlines and organizes the fleet-wide assessments into easily manageable groups.

Preserves Existing Investments

CWP gives you the ability to upload your completed assessment directly and report on them as if the assessment were done in CWP. If the previously completed assessments were not CSAT approved, CWP time-stamps the revisions until the approval is in place. CWP has built-in hooks so that it can be integrated with other systems, including enterprise asset databases or Corrective Action Programs (CAP).

High Performance Report Generation

CDA assessment reports can be extremely large and time consuming. CWP has powerful report generation capability, including the ability to generate ad-hoc/on-demand reports, pre-configured standard reports and operational and company level dashboards.

About WizNucleus

Headquartered in New York, NY, WizNucleus is a leading provider of cyber security compliance software products. The company is focused on delivering specialized software solutions to fast track compliance.

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