WizNucleus Launches WizID™

WizNucleus Launches WizID™ for Continuous Monitoring of Access Using AI- Powered Behavioral Analytics

The New Technology, as an add-on to WizNucleus Cyberwiz-Pro™ (CWP), Extends its Current Capabilities and Delivers Realtime Passive Monitoring and Analysis of User Data During All Sessions and Alerts Based on Monitored Profiles and Access Events.

West Palm Beach, Fl—WizNucleus, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise software for cybersecurity management and compliance in nuclear and electric enterprises, has added an important update to its flagship product CWP. The new technology module was developed in partnership with some of some top universities in North America and was jointly optimized for critical infrastructure applications. The AI-powered continuous monitoring technology augments security and meets the compliance monitoring requirements in the critical infrastructure.

The patented WizID™ technology, seamlessly integrated in CWP, leverages the power of machine learning and behavioral edge analytics to continuously authenticate users and detect threats on desktops and mobile devices. WizID™ and can be configured to collect, correlate, analyze and score events from logical and physical access points on the network in real time. WizID™ is the only technology capable of training and executing data entirely on the device, eliminating security risks and latency involved with server-based analytics.

WizID™ verifies individual user’s identity by collecting a host of behavioral biometric data and analyzes patterns, including mouse movements, mobile pitch, roll, touch pressure and swipe motion. CWP customers can now take advantage of the AI profiling engine to do access monitoring of sensitive systems and can be deployed as a standalone application for network security, or as part of the CWP implementation in support of compliance-monitoring requirements.

“The ease of implementation and integration makes WizID an extremely suitable add-on for the nuclear and electric enterprises”. WizID passively models normal user behavior by learning the way they use the keyboard and mouse, the way they hold their device, tap and swipe and then continuously monitors this behavior and alerts when it doesn’t match the registered user.”, said Krish Shetty, WizNucleus CEO. “It brings the power of AI and Machine learning to security and compliance that is highly customized to this industry.”

WizID will be available to enterprise customers of CWP as an upgrade option immediately.

About WizNucleus
WizNucleus, Inc., headquartered in New York since 2009, is a leading provider of enterprise software for critical infrastructure cybersecurity management and compliance. The company’s Cyberwiz-Pro software platform is widely accepted by nuclear power plant and electric enterprises to support compliance with the changing regulatory requirements. WizNucleus’ Cyberwiz-Pro is software platform delivers comprehensive functionality for asset and configuration management, change control, vulnerability tracking and compliance audits.

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