WizNucleus launches NERC-Wiz Life-Cycle Risk Assessment & Compliance Software Platform

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WizNucleus Launches the Industry’s First Automation Solution for Distributed Control System Managers. Analyzes Security Risks Across Plant Systems, SCADA Control Systems, and Physical Security Perimeter.

WizNucleus, Inc., a leading Cyber Security Risk Assessment & Compliance solutions vendor has launched its NERC-Wiz™, a NERC CIP Compliance Automation Solution for its utility customers. The company’s risk assessment & compliance software is deployed in a number of nuclear power plants and utilities. By drawing on its experience in developing cyber security solutions for the nuclear power plant industry and leveraging its highly flexible technology architecture, WizNucleus’ NERC-Wiz is a strongly differentiated solution for meeting the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) CIP-001-009 reliability standards. The solution enables customers to maintain a cost-effective mechanism that not only manages compliance, but also helps them to understand their security risks while providing and developing remediation options to mitigate them.

“Our investment in a highly flexible and scalable technology architecture, energy industry domain expertise, and our close partnerships has enabled us to launch a unique solution that significantly reduces the complexity and cost of meeting cyber security compliance requirements,” says Krish Shetty, CEO of WizNucleus.Tim Johnson, Principle Consultant of Invensys says, “NERC-Wiz is an intuitive and comprehensive compliance tool that will save my staff countless hours of effort. This tool is a necessity for managing all of the assessments, remediation and documentation required by the NERC CIPs.”

The software solution provides utilities with the ability to identify which controls have been implemented for Critical Cyber Asset, demonstrate how the Electronic and Physical Security Perimeters are protecting them, illustrating where gaps in compliance exist, provide a mechanism to view compliance in a dashboard, manage access and mitigate the risks associated with audit record retention and availability. NERC-Wiz™, enables utilities to experience audits that are smooth, customers have the ability to be well organized and prepared to meet the compliance standards in an efficient manner.

WizNucleus, headquartered in New York City, continues to grow as a risk assessment and compliance solutions company with strong commitment to developing next-generation cyber security risk management solutions, including risk assessment and audit automation software to meet 10 CFR 73.54/NEI 08-09, FERC, NERC CIP 001-009 and Smart Grid Cyber Security requirements. The company’s software products are currently in operation in multiple nuclear power plants and utilities.

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