STARS Nuclear Plants Adopt WizNucleus Risk Assessment & Compliance Platform

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Multiple Nuclear Power Plants Deploy Risk Assessment & Compliance Software from WizNucleus

WizNucleus’ Cyberwiz-Pro Software Will Provide Full Life-Cycle Management of Cyber Security Assessment and Audit Management in support of NEI 08-09.

WizNucleus of New York announced today that Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) of Avila Beach, CA, Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation of Burlington, KS, and Luminant Energy’s Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant in Glen Rose, TX, have deployed the company’s next generation software for cyber security life-cycle management. WizNucleus’ Cyberwiz-Pro will be the primary assessment software platform for managing all aspects of cyber security assessments and will help the STARS to become compliant with regulatory requirements. WizNucleus’ solution comes with libraries of security controls and industry standard templates based on NEI 08-09, NERC CIP/FERC, and CFATS.

“We are pleased with the addition of PG&E and Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant to the list of our customers. We are committed to supporting the critical infrastructure companies as they perform the required assessment and work to be compliance ready with the stringent regulations and industry standards and requirements,” says Robert Gill, Cyber Security Lead of WizNucleus.

Cyberwiz-Pro is built using the company’s solid technology architecture capable of delivering strong automation and integration with existing enterprise systems, including third party applications and document management systems, and user configurability.

“PG&E, in cooperation with two other STARS companies, went through an extensive evaluation of different vendors in the industry to determine their responsiveness, capabilities, and other relevant factors pertaining to our industry and determined that WizNucleus was the top vendor of our choice. Cyberwiz-Pro turned out to be the most robust product capable of supporting the management of our assessment and compliance throughout the life-cycle. We are very satisfied with the deployment of WizNucleus software in production,” says John Prehn, Cyber Security Program Manager at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant.

WizNucleus, headquartered in New York City, continues to grow as a risk assessment and compliance solutions company with strong commitment to developing next-generation cyber security risk management solutions, including risk assessment and audit automation software to meet 10 CFR 73.54/NEI 08-09, FERC, NERC CIP 001-009 and Smart Grid Cyber Security requirements. The company’s software products are currently in operation in multiple nuclear power plants and utilities.

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