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The 37th NITSL Workshop just wrapped up in beautiful Phoenix. The conference was just as hot as the weather. Thanks to all who worked to put on a great workshop and to all of the attendees especially those who made presentations. Clearly the road ahead to fully implement the cyber security program is complex and schedule driven. There are still some scope unknowns, resources to do the work may be limited and the schedule is tight.

There are many tools out there that can facilitate completion of the several thousand CDA assessment points on the regulatory required schedule. When selecting a tool, look at features that facilitate the management of the assessment effort. Look at features that allow collaborative efforts with multiple users. Look at document management capabilities. Look at how well the tool establishes the framework for maintaining compliance once the assessments are completed. Not all tools have these features in a proven technology.

As a former licensing engineer, I would not want to go to the CNO and say we need to request schedule relief from the NRC in order to complete the required actions. We all need to do what we can to get the job done in the required timeframe. It’s time to get hot!

Bob Gill

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