Milestone 8 is Here or Quickly Approaching

Milestone 8 – Transitioning from Project to Program

If you are like any other nuclear power plant, you are extremely busy preparing for Milestone 8 inspections.  And, getting ready for inspection is no easy feat.  One of the biggest challenges you’ll be facing is the task of pulling together a large amount of properly organized and sanitized data before the inspection date.  This process can turn into a nightmare if the required information must come from multiple information silos and in different formats.

Also, chances are, you did not have the luxury of getting all the cyber assessment workload done internally; you might have engaged outside contractors and consultants (sometimes in large numbers) trying to get ready for Milestone 8.  The Milestone 8 Inspection date is nearing and project budgets are shrinking; you may now have to manage the program with constraints of in-house resources. As a result, you are faced with these questions: How are we going to handle assessments going forward with limited resources? How would the transition from the cyber assessment project to an ongoing cyber security program take place? How will the program be managed and sustained, so that future requirements are met in a timely and orderly manner?

Here is what we suggest:

  • Import your existing CDA data into a commercial software platform like WizNucleus CWP for baseline management.
  • Import your completed assessments into the software platform to support revision control, SCIS based automation and inspection readiness.
  • Fast-track your remaining assessments using built-in automation and the latest guidance from NEI.
  • Choose a software platform that can guide your plant engineers, who may possess limited cyber knowledge, to perform cyber assessments.
  • Ensure the software you choose has the approved and canned assessment answers, and it can connect those answers to CDA types and the individual controls.
  • Choose a product platform that has the ability to track and match relevant vulnerabilities to the CDA configuration data directly.
  • Most importantly, choose a platform that can get you through your inspections safely.

Act now. WizNucleus CWP can pull everything together and give you the automation and visibility needed to succeed in Milestone 8 and beyond.
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