WizNucleus Releases a Plug-N-Play NERC CIP Compliance Solution for Small Utilities

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The Company’s Cyberwiz-Express Is a Low Cost Appliance Solution Available as Software, Appliance or the Cloud

NEW YORK, NY–( June 02, 2016) – Today, WizNucleus announced Cyberwiz-Express (CWE) targeted specifically at utilities with a small number of cyber assets and limited IT support resources. The new solution can drastically reduce the burden of maintaining a NERC CIP compliance program.

For small utilities that have limited resources, maintaining an organized NERC CIP program can be challenging. In order to sustain the NERC CIP compliance program, companies cannot afford to rely on spreadsheets, scattered documents, or using internally developed stop-gap solutions. “Tracking, maintaining and reporting on the complex configuration asset details and processes required by NERC demands a professional and proven tool that can support automation and ongoing regulatory and industry changes in a timely manner,” said Satish Talekar, CTO of WizNucleus.

CWE is a low cost, pre-configured and easy-to-maintain solution that includes:

  • Configuration Baseline Management: a way to track all the assets and details such as software, ports, services, users, patches.
  • Change Management: a simple and pre-configured workflow process to enforce policies, track change approvals and record change details
  • Schedule recurring tasks: automatically schedule notifications for regular recurring events such as checking user privileges
  • Centralized Evidence collection: a centralized repository for all the NERC CIP program evidence that is always audit-ready
  • Quick Start Package that includes baseline upload, change control process pre-configuration, and event notifications for recurring tasks

“Small utilities have all the NERC CIP requirements of large utilities but with a much smaller staff,” said Leo Cole, President WizNucleus. “With Cyberwiz-Express, they now have an affordable solution designed just for them. Making it available as an appliance or cloud offering further simplifies their life.”

About WizNucleus

WizNucleus is focused on delivering a purpose-built software suite for achieving cyber security and compliance in Industrial Control Systems/Operation Technology (ICS/OT) environments. Starting in the nuclear power industry where the most rigorous compliance challenges exist, WizNucleus has a track record of delivering results. The WizNucleus software platform is built specifically to address the evolving cyber security standards such as NEI 08-09 and NERC CIP for the critical infrastructure. In a single software platform, WizNucleus delivers security and compliance tracking, security controls assessment, change management, and risk assessment.

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