C3 Summit Cyber Security Summit Conference

Earlier this week, I was invited to speak at the C3 US-Arab Business Summit in New York City regarding the importance of cyber security in the smart digital cities in the US and other regions.

The Keynote speaker, General Wesley Clark, the former NATO Commander, who led the Bosnia war under President Clinton, made some important observations about the dangers of cyber security and how it is on the rise.  The General’s view is that the biggest problem facing the US today is that we are behind on regulations requiring companies to comply, and that the bipartisan bickering is causing serious delays. Those delays, according to him, are making the country’s critical infrastructure vulnerable.  I agree with General’s views that the companies that do share the attack data should be free from liability.

The good thing is that the US is the gold standard when it comes to cyber security regulations and many countries around the world are working towards and modelling after the US security control standards.  One such example is the new version of the NERC CIP standard for utilities that goes into effect in April 2016.

Krish Shetty
CEO, WizNucleus

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