Arizona’s G&T Cooperatives Choose WizNucleus to Fast-Track NERC CIP v5 Program

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Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) From WizNucleus Delivers Cyber Asset Configuration Baseline, Change Management, Log and Patch Management in a Single Solution

NEW YORK, NY–January 19, 2016 – Today, AzGT and WizNucleus announced that AzGT has successfully implemented WizNucleus’ CWP to automate many aspects of AzGT’s NERC CIP v5 program. Using CWP, AzGT was able to create a configuration baseline, automate the collection of asset attributes, and create and operationalize a configuration change management process in just a few weeks.

Before partnering with WizNucleus, AzGT had their Cyber Assets details in multiple locations and documents. AzGT saw the NERC CIP V5 April 2016 deadline as an opportunity to improve the accuracy and consistency of their asset configuration management as well as improve their change management processes. Within a short time, CWP was installed and automatically discovered the asset attributes such as ports, services, installed software, patches, and user accounts, allowing AzGT to create their configuration baseline. Also, WizNucleus worked with AzGT to streamline their existing change management process and documentation. AzGT’s improved change management process was then easily configured into the CWP Workflow engine including an automated test plan for the impacted CIP security controls.

“Prior to WizNucleus, we were challenged to meet the NERC CIP V5 standards. Within a few weeks, we had an approved baseline and full change management process operational,” said Eric Jensen, CIP Compliance Administrator at AzGT. “Thanks to WizNucleus, we are well on our way to completing a sustainable CIP V5 program.”

“I’m very pleased with WizNucleus and CWP for NERC CIP. The installation of CWP was without incident and little to no impact on our operational environment,” said Ryan Judd, Manager of Information Technology at AzGT. “We are excited about WizNucleus and CWP and look forward to the improved operational environment and cost savings in implementing our CIP V5 program.”

“We are pleased to help AzGT fast track and build a sustainable NERC CIP V5 program with our Cyberwiz-Pro product including integrated configuration management and baseline, change management, log and patch management,” said Leo Cole, WizNucleus President. “We are proud of our automation capabilities as well as the ability to bring a broad range of NERC CIP expertise and solutions to customers.”

About Arizona’s G&T Cooperatives

• Arizona Electric Power Cooperative (AEPCO), Southwest Transmission Cooperative (SWTC) and Sierra Southwest Cooperative Services collectively make up AzGT.
• AEPCO owns and operates the 605 (combined gross) megawatt Apache Generating Station in Cochise, Arizona, east of Benson.
• SWTC owns and maintains more than 622 miles of transmission lines and 27 substations that transmit wholesale power from the Apache Generating Station to six Member Distribution Cooperatives in southern Arizona, northwestern Arizona, and California.
• Combined, the Distribution Cooperatives that receive AEPCO’s wholesale power serve more than 150,000 meters representing more than 350,000 individual residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial customers.
• The Class A Member Cooperatives that receive wholesale power from AEPCO include:
o Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative in Willcox,
o Duncan Valley Electric Cooperative in Duncan,
o Graham County Electric Cooperative in Pima,
o Trico Electric Cooperative in Marana,
o Mohave Electric Cooperative in Bullhead City,
o And the California member, Anza Electric Cooperative in Anza.
• These member cooperatives own the AzGT and by extension, the G&T Cooperatives are owned by their members, the people at the end of the line who use the power.
• These cooperatives also borrow from RUS, a federal agency.

About Arizona’s electric cooperative member-consumers

The G&Ts and their member cooperatives are not-for-profit utilities that are owned by the people they serve, most of whom live in rural areas.
• These cooperatives depend on fewer consumer-members to share their costs than for-profit utilities.
• On average, one third of these consumer-members live at or below the federal poverty level.
• Cooperative consumer-members spend a higher percentage of their income on electricity than customers of for-profit utilities.
• Electric cooperatives provide much-needed, highly-skilled jobs for their communities.

About WizNucleus: WizNucleus is focused on delivering a purpose-built software suite for achieving cyber security and compliance in Industrial Control Systems/Operation Technology (ICS/OT) environments. Starting in the nuclear power industry where the most rigorous compliance challenges exist, WizNucleus has a track record of delivering results. The WizNucleus software platform is built specifically to address the evolving cyber security standards such as NEI 08-09 and NERC CIP for the critical infrastructure. In a single software platform, WizNucleus delivers security and compliance tracking, security controls assessment, change management, and risk assessment.

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