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Cyber Security Management & Compliance Solution

WizNucleus delivers the best-in-class software solutions to help critical infrastructure customers manage their cyber security and become compliant. Starting in the nuclear power industry where some of the most rigorous compliance challenges exist, WizNucleus has a track record of delivering results. Cyberwiz-Pro from WizNucleus is an advanced and comprehensive software platform to support  the evolving cyber security standards for the critical infrastructure, including energy-specific environments such as Industrial Control Systems. In a single software platform, our customers centralize their digital asset management, perform closed-loop change control and configuration monitoring, address security assessment and vulnerability tracking and compliance management.

Built for the Purpose and Easy to Use

WizNucleus software products are easy to use and have unmatched depth and specialization needed to achieve cyber security compliance in the energy sector. Some of our critical infrastructure customers are the largest utilities and nuclear plants around the world. They discovered that to achieve effective compliance they needed tools built specifically for that purpose. Traditional IT compliance software platforms have proven to be a “square peg in a round hole” problem; they lack the ability to adequately support the requirements of evolving cyber security standards applicable in the operational technology (OT) environment. This led to the development of the WizNucleus Cyberwiz-Pro software platform.

Fast Track Your Compliance and Reduce Risk

We understand the challenge. For years, we have partnered closely with our energy customers and helped them meet their cyber security requirements and compliance needs. As a result of the lessons learned, our products incorporate the latest algorithms and integration techniques to efficiently and effectively achieve compliance.  By deploying WizNucleus software products, our customers have dramatically cut down compliance related costs and have achieved consistency, accuracy, and sustainability of their compliance program.

By teaming up with industry leaders and blending our domain expertise and software products, we have successfully delivered innovative solutions.

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