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  • New York, NY - July 2014 - WizNucleus to present at the upcoming NITSL Workshop (read more)

  • WizNucleus to present at the upcoming NEI Workshop on April 15 - April 17 21, 2014 (read more)

  • New York, NY - January 2014 - WizNucleus forms partnership with Futurism Technologies of Pune, India. (read more)

  • New York, NY - July 2013 - WizNucleus to present at the upcoming NITSL Workshop (read more)

  • New York, NY - March 2013 - WizNucleus partners with McAfee (read more)

  • WizNucleus to present at the upcoming NEI Workshop on February 19-February 21, 2013 (read more)

  • WizNucleus to attend the upcoming Distributech Meeting January 29-31, 2013 (read more)

  • WizNucleus to attend the upcoming Grid Security Conference October 15-18, 2012 (read more)

  • Come see WizNucleus at the upcoming GridSecCon Security Conference on October 16-18, 2012 (read more)

  • WizNucleus to present at the upcoming NITSL Workshop on July 16-July 19, 2012(read more)

  • April 2012 - WizNucleus Collaborates with Microsoft for NERC-CIP Software Solutions ...(read more)

  • WizNucleus to present at the upcoming Smart Grid Security Summit... (read more)

  • WizNucleus to present at the upcoming NERC Compliance Fundamentals Workshop... (read more)

  • STARS Nuclear Plants Adopt WizNucleus Risk Assessment & Compliance Platform.(read more)

  • Pacific Gas & Electric of San Francisco selects WizNucleus Cyberwiz-Pro (read more)

  • Luminant Energy selects WizNucleus Cyberwiz-Pro Software for Comanche(read more)

  • Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation selects WizNucleus/Cyberwiz-Pro (read more)

  • WizNucleus launches NERC-Wiz Life-Cycle Risk Assessment & Compliance software platform (read more)

  • Multiple Nuclear Power Plants Deploy Risk Assessment & Compliance Software from WizNucleus (read more)

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    • Delivering Cyber Security Solutions for the Energy Sector

      WizNucleus Cyber Security Solutions

      WizNucleus focuses on delivering specialized tools for managing cyber security in the energy sector. Successful management of cyber security programs and remaining compliant are big challenges for the critical infrastructure customers. Without the purpose driven tools, cyber security management becomes extremely time-consuming and costly. WizNucleus has a successful track record of delivering industry solutions to the energy sector, including some of the largest nuclear plants and electric power companies.

      Built Ground-Up for the New Standards

      With our foundation in nuclear power plants, where the most stringent cyber security requirements exist, WizNucleus software platform is unique. Our software tools were built ground-up for the new standards applicable to the critical infrastructure; they incorporate proprietary techniques and the industry best practices. Our solutions significantly reduce the effort and cost of managing a cyber security program in the critical infrastructure.

      WizNucleus Cyber Security Solutions

      We have teamed up with industry leaders: control system vendors, standards and regulatory bodies, and security architects. This partnership with the industry has made it possible for us to deliver solutions that directly address the challenges in the energy sector.

      WizNucleus understands the special challenges associated with meeting cyber security requirements in electric utilities, nuclear plants, distributed control systems (DCS) and the Smart Grid. Our products have been deployed successfully in some of the largest nuclear power plants and utilities in the country.

      Traditional IT compliance management platforms, which are repackaged for the industrial control system customers, are not suited for the new standards, including NEI 08-09 and NERC CIP 002-009. WizNucleus solutions are built ground-up for the critical infrastructure, where complex digital and legacy control system products present special challenges. Blended with our intimate knowledge of industrial control systems, WizNucleus solutions stand out as the best.

      With innovative techniques and powerful reporting and monitoring capabilities, WizNucleus solutions can dramatically improve cost effectiveness of managing cyber security programs in the critical infrastructure.