Why WizNucleus

Next Generation Cyber & Physical Security for Mission Critical Facilities

In mission-critical facilities, with a connected operating environment and increased integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial devices (OT/ICS), security is complicated and expensive. This convergence of cyber and physical networks and interconnections has increased the attack surface of the facilities. Mission-critical sites must find new ways to enhance security, mitigate new threats, and keep pace with cybersecurity requirements. Our next-generation security platform enables critical facilities to conduct faster security assessment, detection, and interception of threats at reduced costs.

To compete effectively in their respective space, mission-critical facilities such as nuclear power plants and electric grids cannot rely on legacy security systems with limited functionality. They must, while reducing attack risks, find innovative ways to cut costs and improve efficiency. Operating antiquated analog or proprietary security systems limits the efficiency gained from modern IT architectures and commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software (COTs).

WizNucleus’ security computer system, used by facilities with the most rigorous physical and cybersecurity requirements, enables our customers to break away from their closed architecture systems and avoid technology obsolescence risk. We blend open standards, simple network design, and COTs to provide a security solution that is modular, scalable, serviceable, and upgradable. Our system is easy to maintain with reduced costs and increased security operation efficiency.

Cybersecurity Assessment Software – Detect, Assess Secure, and Achieve Compliance

With technology continuously advancing, keeping up with the latest regulatory requirements and cybersecurity assessment methodologies is time and resource-intensive for nuclear power plants. To manage this challenge, the industry has come up with several processes that address assessment requirements and enables the protection of critical digital assets. New assessment methodologies are being introduced for efficiencies and to reduce the workload that is required for assessing critical digital assets in compliance with regulatory standards.

WizNucleus has years of experience building cybersecurity assessment applications. We provide cyber and physical security solutions to nuclear and electric grid customers. Our security assessment software applications help our mission-critical enterprises to assess security controls and vulnerabilities and remain compliant.

The latest version of our Cyberwiz-Pro comes with powerful features to automate manual efforts including capture of asset configuration, Cyber Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) and CPEs, matching and end-to-end and assessment, resulting in drastic reduction of manual work.

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