Why WizNucleus

The WizNucleus Platform enables Industrial Control System (ICS) customers to secure the future state of their cybersecurity program and to remain compliant with the changing regulatory landscape by bridging cyber assets configuration, change control operation and compliance reporting in a single and comprehensive application. The application documents the systems and the network, their configuration, records all activities and changes and delivers in-depth visibility into the organization’s cybersecurity and compliance posture.

The management of cybersecurity program and compliance in the critical infrastructure with Operations Technology (OT) is an extremely data-intensive task.  You are dealing with complex device types and an evolving regulatory landscape.  Traditional IT solutions do not have the depth and specialization required for managing the complex configuration management,  change control and compliance monitoring specific to OT environment.  Therefore, your ability to maintain a sustainable cybersecurity program and remain compliant depends on the kind of software application you use. WizNucleus has many years of experience working closely with critical infrastructure customers with complex OT assets and multiple business units.

Our Cyberwiz-Pro software platform has unmatched depth and specialization for simplifying and reducing the overall burden of managing digital asset configuration, security assessment, change control, vulnerability evaluation and compliance. The software will reduce the overall cost of your cybersecurity program and compliance management.

WizNucleus Cyberwiz-Pro Benefits


Cyberwiz-Pro from WizNucleus is a proven software solution with years of implementation track record in nuclear fleets and electric facilities, helping them manage their respective cyber security implementation programs and compliance successfully.

By working closely with our critical infrastructure customers and using our experience in Operations Technology (OT) environments, we have developed a solid software platform.   Our customers have discovered, after painful experiments, that the traditional solutions and homegrown tools severely lack the depth and functionality required to support their complex requirements. What’s more? Those tools can be costly and difficult to maintain.

Our solutions help our customers support the future state of their cyber security program and remain compliant.

Some of Our Customers

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