WizNucleus Tripwire Plug-In

API Level Integration with Tripwire

If you have invested in Tripwire security monitoring and automating baselining of device configuration with appropriate asset details, WizNucleus can extend the power of Tripwire. The Cyberwiz-Pro plug-in for Tripwire delivers completely integrated NERC CIP compliance management on top of Tripwire.  The plug-in will automatically import configuration data from Tripwire into Cyberwiz-Pro’s relational database and establish a NERC CIP baseline of record for NERC CIP. You can also add additional devices to the baseline, that may not have Tripwire installed.

Closed-Loop Change Management for NERC CIP-010

WizNucleus Cyberwiz-Pro comes with an enterprise-grade business process workflow engine, designed specifically for NERC CIP compliance management, and has the following features:

  • Initiate change requests either within Cyberwiz-Pro or in a third-party change ticketing system
  • Process approvals based on customer process (at each step; multiple approval levels, escalations) to perform–
    • Operations engineering analysis
    • Impact analysis
    • Emergency analysis
    • NERC analysis
  • Create test plans
  • Apply closed-loop update of the baseline
  • Monitor changes to configuration in real or near real-time

Cyberwiz-Pro seamlessly integrates with Tripwire to monitor ports, services, patches, and user accounts for any change to the baseline. For example, if there is a change to a port, an alert is sent to the person responsible for evaluating that change. If it was an unapproved change a user might check to see if it was an emergency change, and deal with it accordingly (e.g., approve). If it was an unapproved change then the user restore to the original baseline.

Compliance Evidence Management & Reporting

WizNucleus Cyberwiz-Pro consolidates NERC CIP evidence collection and management.  For example, CWP can create an audit-ready report on any changes and approvals for any particular asset.

Read the press release here.