Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) For Smart Grid

While the implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Distribution Automation, Transmission Automation, and Distributed Generation brings significant benefits to society, these new smart grid functions will leverage an Information Technology infrastructure in order to deliver these new capabilities. Automation within the grid will require the development of new applications and technologies designed deliver the benefits of a smarter grid.

Automation is inherently vulnerable to cyber security risks, which if unmanaged provide a significant risk to the modern grid.

Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) For Smart Grid

The risk lies in the fact that applications and technologies will be used to control physical grid elements, in order to provide automated responses to conditions on the power system. As such these responses represent real activities which if improperly operated could result in; loss of personally identifiable information, instability in the sustainability of the grid, and the ability to operate the system in safe, reliable manner.

WizNucleus has developed CWP for Smart Grid, a software platform designed to identify cyber security weaknesses and remediation plans in various parts of the smart grid infrastructure, delivering the ability to monitor cyber security posture across multiple smart grid elements. This is done by leveraging frameworks, security considerations, and requirements that have been used to put together overall best practice architecture as designed by the NIST CSCTG and ASAP-SG.

Smart Grid NISTIR 7628

The product takes into account technical standards and protocols which provide utilities with the ability to assess risks to their Smart Grid components. Additionally, CWP for Smart Grid software takes into account guidance from NISTIR 7628 and NERC CIP, which illustrate best practices associated with the proper security management of a Smart Grid infrastructure.