CIP 005 – Cyber Security — Electronic Security Perimeter(s)

CIP 005 – Cyber Security — Electronic Security Perimeter(s)

Purpose: Manage electronic access to BES Cyber Systems by specifying a controlled Electronic Security Perimeter in support of protecting BES Cyber Systems against compromise that could lead to misoperation or instability in the BES.

Key Challenges:

  • Maintain a list of all ESPs and Cyber Assets connected via a routable protocol
  • Generate appropriate evidence including network diagrams
  • Maintain list of rules documenting permitted access justification for access
  • Document authenticated access through dial-up connection
  • Retain evidence that malicious communications detection methods are implemented

Cyberwiz-Pro Delivers:

  • Automates the maintenance and tracking of defined ESPs and PSPs
  • Generates network diagrams
  • Documents access revocation
  • Automates evidence collection of related activities


  • Centralized asset repository with ESP/PSP configuration
  • Simplified and centralized evidence automation
  • One-click network diagram generation