CIP 004 – Cyber Security – Personnel & Training

CIP 004 – Cyber Security – Personnel & Training

Purpose:  Minimize the risk against compromise that could lead to misoperation or instability in the BES from individuals accessing BES Cyber Systems by requiring an appropriate level of personnel risk assessment, training, and security awareness in support of protecting BES Cyber Systems.

Key Challenges:

  • Need to establish security awareness of communication
  • Need to develop a cyber security training program
  • Need to collect evidence demonstrating implementation of cyber security program
  • Need to manage and track electronic and physical access

Cyberwiz-Pro Delivers:

  • Automates access tracking
  • Automates policy enforcement
  • Tracks personnel training
  • Supports development of Cyber Security Training program
  • Provides a process for gathering evidence in a dynamic manner
  • Maintains information including electronic, and physical details


  • Simplified PRA tracking and management
  • Centralized management of all training documentation
  • Sustainability for future audits and annual requirements