CIP 003 – Cyber Security – Security Management Controls

CIP 003 – Cyber Security – Security Management Controls

Purpose: Specify consistent and sustainable security management controls that establish responsibility and accountability to protect BES Cyber Systems against compromise that could lead to misoperation or instability in the BES.

Key Challenges:

  • Developing policies documents, processes and procedures
  • Annual CIP Senior Manager Approval
  • Maintaining document revisions and history of changes
  • Annual reviews of this information

Cyberwiz-Pro Delivers:

  • Manages and monitors mapping of policies and documentation to each requirement
  • Enforces policies and requirements
  • Tracks changes made to the documentation and justifications
  • Maintains audit history for easy annual reviews


  • Personnel Tracking and training reminders are automated
  • Centralized policy changes
  • Documented approval by date, time and user
  • Sustainable for future audits and annual reviews