CIP 002 – BES Cyber System Categorization

CIP 002 – BES Cyber System Categorization

Purpose: Identify and categorize BES Cyber Systems and their associated BES Cyber Assets for the application of cyber security requirements commensurate with the adverse impact that loss, compromise, or misuse of those BES Cyber Systems could have on the reliable operation of the BES. Identification and categorization of BES Cyber Systems support appropriate protection against compromises that could lead to mis-operation or instability in the BES.

Key Challenges:

  • Classifying BES Cyber Assets based on new V5 classification
  • Maintaining and tracking asset information
  • Managing electronic and physical lists
  • Annual reviews of this information

How Cyberwiz-Pro Delivers:

  • Automates asset discovery
  • Manages identification and classification of BES Cyber Assets
  • Lets you import assets from spreadsheets or external asset databases
  • Maintains and tracks asset details
  • Tracks changes to BES Cyber Assets
  • Maintains an audit history for annual reviews


  • Personnel Tracking and training reminders are automated
  • Centralized policy changes
  • Documented approval by date, time and user
  • Sustainable for future audits and annual reviews