Configuration Management and Vulnerability Tracking

Comprehensive Configuration Management & Vulnerability Tracking

To sustain your cybersecurity program and remain fully compliant, you must maintain a comprehensive CDA configuration repository, conduct ongoing CDA assessment, and track and address vulnerabilities in a timely manner. Without a purpose-built software system like Cyberwiz-Pro/CVM, these tasks can become extremely complex and time-consuming.


WizNucleus CVM module in Cyberwiz-Pro is designed to capture detailed CDA configuration data and manage it efficiently. Unlike the enterprise asset management systems (EAMs), CVM stores configuration data specific to nuclear CDAs, enabling you to fully support the requirements of your cybersecurity program. With built-in automation, CVM can help drastically reduce the cost of tracking vulnerabilities and periodic activities.

CVM can be used as a module within Cyberwiz-Pro or as a standalone application.

  • Advanced configuration management database (CMDB) designed for nuclear CDA-specific configuration management.
  • Automated vulnerability tracking using third-party vulnerability databases (NVD)
  • Streamlined Periodic Activities
  •  Works with or without Cyberwiz-Pro Application
  • Maintain a comprehensive nuclear CDA configuration repository
  • Automate configuration collection
  • Automate and streamlines vulnerability tracking
  • Ensure CDA configuration integrity
  • Gain increased visibility