Configuration Management and Vulnerability Assessment

Nuclear Cyber Security Program Made Sustainable

To make your cybersecurity program solid and compliant, you need a proven and comprehensive configuration database that can easily capture detailed configuration and help automate vulnerability assessment. However, without a purpose-built enterprise software like Cyberwiz-Pro, the job can be expensive, inefficient and error-prone.

Unlike the enterprise asset management systems (EAMs), Cybewiz-Pro stores configuration data specific to nuclear CDAs, enabling you to fully support the program requirement.

  • Advanced configuration management database (CMDB) designed for nuclear CDA-specific configuration management.
  • Automated vulnerability tracking using third-party vulnerability databases (NVD)
  • Streamlined Periodic Activities
  • Maintain a comprehensive nuclear CDA configuration repository
  • Automate configuration collection
  • Automate and streamline vulnerability tracking
  • Ensure CDA configuration integrity
  • Gain increased visibility