Nuclear Cyber Vulnerability Management

Nuclear CDA Vulnerability Assessment

Nuclear power reactor licensees are required to identify and mitigate cyber vulnerabilities on an on-going basis. The identified vulnerabilities must be matched to the plant’s Critical Digital Assets (CDA), and the mitigation must be thoroughly documented. However, without automation, this process can be error-prone and drain valuable resources.

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Cyberwiz-Pro from WizNucleus is the #1 enterprise software platform used by large nuclear fleets as well as single plants for CDA and vulnerability assessment. Cyberwiz-Pro combines our industry experience and lessons-learned to deliver robust automation for vulnerability management across the enterprise.

  • Advanced configuration management database (CMDB) designed for nuclear cyber vulnerability assessment tracking.
  • Automated vulnerability identification and CDA matching.
  • Support for vulnerability mitigation and documentation per the Addendum 5 to NEI 08-09, Revision 6.
  • Maintain a comprehensive nuclear CDA configuration repository
  • Automate and streamline CDA and vulnerability assessments in a single platform
  • Gain increased visibility into nuclear cyber program and compliance.