Communication Manager

The Communication Manager Utility – Module in Cyberwiz-Pro for NERC

Communication manager is one-of-a-kind product allows you to track messages, electronic conversations, emails, and filing submissions, by automatically logging all messages and linking them directly to the relevant Standard or Requirement.

Utility Benefits

  • Automate your conversations/communications and link them to Requirements
  • Create an easy-to-read audit trail of your compliance communication records
  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook
  • Store and organize sent and received messages from sources both internal and external to your company
  • Daily communications between operators, supervisors, engineers, and SME’s
  • Distribution of required documents externally and/or internally
  • Emergency communications system; for example change in transmission or generation status, rating, or capabilities
  • Responding to a request from a Balancing Authority, Transmission Service Provider, RRO, or any other registered function entity
  • Coordination and planning of tests, outages, maintenance, or abnormal operations