Document Management

A central repository for all you 693 evidence documents.

Utility Benefits

  • Intuitive file organization – Insert existing folder structure, files and saved documents into iDocs or allow us to suggest proven, effective alternatives.
  • Complete data, document and file storage – NERC audit performance is measured on doing what you say and documenting what you did. iDocs Document Management is the enterprise-wide compliance data base critical to storing, associating and ultimately gathering evidence for Audit.
  • Access privileges by users – Compliance managers control access by users to the Standard Family, Standard, and Folder level. Employees in functional groups outside of compliance often own responsibility for singular compliance tasks. Provide these employees access to only those documents and tasks that require their involvement.
  • Flexible user interface & customizable portal page – Software is only as good as the ability of the most basic user to successfully work with it. Our user interface is easy, intuitive and simple to teach and learn. Show them what they need to do, show them how to do it, give them the access level required for their specific role and let them contribute to compliance. Our customizable portal-page provides managers current updates and potential threats to effectively monitor and manage compliance while offering executives real-time compliance status. Your Culture of Compliance depends upon leadership knowing the score.