Behavioral Biometrics Based Access Monitoring WizNucleus’ Cyberwiz-Pro now comes with a powerful and next-generation authentication feature called WizID™. By utilizing our OEM partner’s patented technology to leverage the power of … Read More

Operational Flexibility & Reporting

Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) flexible….multiple SCIS, approaches, rules, automation – different controls, approaches – site credits, result in reduction of front-end and back-end work…..Manual assessments to operations….migration etc. Reports – Adhoc – … Read More

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Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) from WizNucleus is a software application for managing a nuclear power plant’s cyber security program management and compliance.  It is a purpose-built application that helps reduce the overall cost … Read More

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Nuclear Energy Institute’s NEI 13-10 is an effort to reduce the workload associated with Critical Digital Asset assessments. The guidance document provides a strategy for grouping CDAs as Direct, Emergency … Read More