NERC Compliance Made Easy

WizNucleus TrakER software makes NERC compliance simple while increasing staff productivity. The software offers users excellent features to automate and monitor NERC compliance tasks and requirements.  Gain Visibility Meet Deadlines … Read More

Physical Security

Nuclear power plants have the strictest security requirements in the world. These requirements have prevented cutting edge and cost effective solutions in the past, but no longer. Our solutions bring … Read More

Cyber Security Remediation

Working closely with CISO’s, cyber security managers, inspectors, and engineers, we have implemented entire cyber security programs from scratch. On top of our industry leading CyberWiz-Pro program management software, we … Read More

Operational Flexibility & Reporting

Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) flexible….multiple SCIS, approaches, rules, automation – different controls, approaches – site credits, result in reduction of front-end and back-end work…..Manual assessments to operations….migration etc. Reports – Adhoc – … Read More

Main Page

Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) from WizNucleus is a software application for managing a nuclear power plant’s cyber security program management and compliance.  It is a purpose-built application that helps reduce the overall cost … Read More

Nuclear Cyber Vulnerability Management

Automate Vulnerability Management – A Single Application for Managing CDA Inventory and NVD Common Vulnerability Exposures (CVEs) Nuclear Cyber Security Plans require the identification and assessment of published cyber vulnerabilities … Read More