Cyberwiz-Pro 6.0 from WizNucleus for Nuclear Cybersecurity Assessments

Used by major nuclear plants to efficiently manage their cybersecurity posture and compliance.

A comprehensive and proven software application that supports industry security assessment methodologies and Guidance, including RG 5.71/NEI 08-09, 13-10. The flexible tool is designed to keep up with the changing regulatory requirements. Cyberwiz-Pro automates many aspects of your security control implementation processes, including critical digital configuration management, vulnerabilities prioritization and assessment, risk management, and compliance. With just a few mouse clicks you can group and assess hundreds of CVEs/(CDAs) while taking credit for already implemented security controls and other protections. 

Vulnerability Assessment Automated

Cyberwiz-Pro 6.0 includes powerful vulnerability assessment prioritization and assessment automation.


Purpose-built for Nuclear/Operations Technology (OT) environment

Comprehensive support for CDA and Vulnerability Assessments lifecycle

Supports RG. 5.71, NEI 08-09, 13-10 and custom controls and industry methodology

Advanced configuration/CPE matching

Vulnerability Prioritization

Structured/SCIS-based assessments

Automated CVE feeds

Built-in data migration tools

API support

Inspection-ready reports