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Wiznucleus Inc – Delivering security integrated compliance solutions for critical infrastructure protection

Simplify asset management, configuration change control, continuous monitoring, security assessment and compliance management.

One Solution – Immediate Results – Stop Wasting Time and Money Using Multiple Tools Not Meant for the Job

WizNucleus, Inc., based in New York, is focused on developing software solutions with unmatched depth and specialization needed to manage the complex cyber security programs in the critical infrastructure.

 NEI 08-09 – NERC CIP – HIPAA – ISA 99


Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) from WizNucleus is a proven solution many successful deployments in both large and small critical infrastructure enterprises, including nuclear power plants and electric utilities where rigorous compliance requirements exist.

By working closely with customers, we built CWP from the ground up to support the unique needs of the critical infrastructure. Our customers have discovered, after painful experiments, that the traditional IT software solutions and homegrown tools severely lack the depth and functionality required to support their complex needs. What’s more, those tools can be costly and difficult to maintain.

Avoid the need for multiple tools

CWP is a completely integrated solution that automates configuration data collection, cyber security assessment, change control, vulnerability management, compliance tracking, continuous monitoring, and reporting.

In addition to robust automation to help fast track configuration and cyber security assessment, CWP gives you visibility into all aspects of your compliance program: where what when who and why. Everything you need to know and track will be in a single tool.

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