Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) for Oil & Gas

Cyber threats to oil and gas Operational Technology (OT) systems can be severe and cause serious production stoppage issues.   The need for real-time data, automation, and connection to business IT and industry trends have increased the connectivity between the control systems and business IT. This trend has increased the threat of cyber-attacks. As a result, the need for assessing your cyber security posture with accuracy and efficiency has greatly increased.  CWP is Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Software for the Oil & Gas Sector.Oil&Gas Vulnerability Assessments

CWP is a proven solution that supports and automates standards-based (ISA-99, Cyber Security Framework) vulnerability assessment and risk assessment. CWP is a purpose-built software that delivers the required depth and knowledge of Industrial Control Systems. The product supports a variety of activities, including ICS asset inventory (through integration with discovery technology), base line configuration and change control management, risk assessment and risk monitoring.

ISA 99 Oil & Gas Assessment Framework

Using CWP’s risk assessment functionality, customers can determine their current security as a base line of the security posture they want to adopt, and an implementation strategy for security implementation.

CWP provides powerful assessment results to arrive at the correct level of implementation, and the investment needed to maintain the desired security levels.