A purpose-built software tool for the nuclear industry and NEI 08-09

Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) for Nuclear

NEI 13-10 Support


Nuclear Energy Institute’s NEI 13-10 is an effort to reduce the workload associated with Cyber Security Assessment. NEI 13-10 is a guidance document that allows Licensees to group CDAs as Direct, Emergency Planning (EP) or Indirect based on the importance of a CDA to a plant’s safety and security functions and emergency planning requirements. NEI 13-10 Revision 5 expands on the previous revisions and allows for the grouping of simpler, lower complexity devices into classes.

Direct Support for NEI 13-10

  • Repeat or reuse entire assessments
  • Upload Excel files effortlessly
  • Maintain consistency across fleet—versions and assessments
  • Automatically populate 13-10 questions
  • Copy work from previous assessments into new assessments
  • Report accurately and flexibly

Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) from WizNucleus incorporates NEI 13-10’s Consequence Assessments form data directly into the tool. This enables assessors to standardize future assessments and create sustainability to your overall NEI 08-09 program. In CWP, the CDA assessments can be changed to different classes or categories with the click of a button. The software gives the assessors complete revision control and reporting capabilities. To avoid unnecessary rework, any assessments done outside the CWP tool can be easily uploaded and imported and revised in the CWP software. The classes and decisions from NEI 13-10 are already built into the software so that the decisions can be automated where possible.

Supporting the Program Sustainability

While  NEI 13-10 provides excellent guidance to help classify and manage the simple assessment as mandated by the cybersecurity program, CWP goes beyond the six predefined classes found in NEI 13-10 R5.  CWP supports an advanced “Type Assessment” methodology for all the CDAs in the scope.  The techniques implemented in the tool make it possible to group maximum CDAs and creates efficiency, while maintaining the assessment results and individual reports at the specific CDA level.

Using CWP’s automation capability and flexibility, nuclear plants can dramatically improve efficiency and create a sustainable program. Leveraging the predefined responses during the baseline assessment and processes will be crucial when the program is handed from the Cyber teams to the Engineering teams. The engineering teams can then access previous assessments and:

  • reuse entire assessments by while adding new CDA’s to those assessment packages
  • copy related assessment responses to new assessment revision
  • choose from predefined answers on a per control/per category basis
  • choose which assessment revision is appropriate to be used as a new assessment starting point
  • run reports showing only the controls that are not addressed by applying SCIS/Logic in the tool