CVM for Nuclear Vulnerability Management

WizNucleus CVM provides a method for managing site-specific nuclear digital asset configuration and evaluation of vulnerabilities

Gathering and maintaining your site-specific CDA configuration and managing the process of evaluating and documenting vulnerabilities screened can be a time-consuming and error-prone task.  Asset management systems are not adequate for this purpose because they store limited CDA data. CVM from WizNucleus is a tool for creating a central repository of CDA configuration; the tool has a built-in method for managing the ongoing evaluation of vulnerabilities as required by the Cyber Security Plan implementation/NEI 08-09.

CVM eliminates the laborious task of gathering configuration details; it streamlines the process of evaluating the screened vulnerabilities and provides visibility into your cyber security posture in real-time. CVM can be used a module within nuclear-configuration-monitoringCyberwiz-Pro. CVM also comes with our Smart Collector software application for collecting configuration details from disconnected or remote devices.





  • Advanced configuration management database populated with nuclear device-specific configuration details
  • Smart Collector for configuration data collection
  • Works with or without Cyberwiz-Pro Application
  • Enterprise integration
  • Drastically reduce manual effort
  • Streamline the management of detected vulnerabilities
  • Manage multiple aspects of Milestone 8 requirements
  • Ensure integrity of assessed CDA configuration
  • Increase overall program visibility

Centralize and Manage the Integrity of CDA Configuration

Without a centralized configuration data repository and appropriate workflows, the burden of managing the requirements of ongoing vulnerability monitoring is a costly and error-prone task. WizNucleus CVM helps you streamline the whole process and gives you full control over the management of applicable vulnerabilities. As a first step, CVM helps you quickly build a central repository of your CDA configuration specific to your plant and the cyber security program. Next, it gives you the infrastructure and functionality needed to properly evaluate and document the management of vulnerabilities.


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