A purpose-built software tool for the nuclear industry and NEI 08-09

Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) for Nuclear

NEI 08-09 Ongoing Monitoring and Vulnerability Tracking

Business ProfessionalAs per the NEI 08-09 guidance, nuclear plants are required to have a process in place for managing the known vulnerabilities, immediately after the Milestone 8 assessments have been completed. The sustainment of your NEI 08-09 cyber program depends on this. The task of conducting NEI 08-09 ongoing monitoring and tracking the integrity of assessed CDAs can be a burdensome task.

Here is a tool that will simplify the process and drastically reduce the overall effort of doing NEI 08-09 ongoing monitoring, including the management of vulnerabilities. Configuration Vulnerability Management (CVM) from WizNucleus is a comprehensive tool that comes with a detailed CDA configuration database. The tool automates the monitoring, data collection, search, and mapping of the threats to the configuration baseline.

CDA Vulnerability Tracking

NEI 08-09 Ongoing Monitoring


  • Flexible database populated with nuclear device specific configuration details
  • Automates search of third party vulnerability databases (NVD)
  • Built-in connectors for EAM and CAP
  • Integration with Cyberwiz-Pro CDA assessment
  • Ability to collect configuration data using USB where allowed
  • Drastically reduces the cost of monitoring
  • Manages detected vulnerabilities in a streamlined and efficient manner
  • Maintains full record of vulnerabilities and mitigation plans
  • Delivers real-time visibility


An Integrated Monitoring Solution

The task of managing vulnerabilities to CDAs and conducting ongoing monitoring is a time-consuming task. Without a centralized configuration data repository and an automated system to identifying vulnerabilities, the task can consume a lot of your previous operating resources. Mostly likely your configuration data is scattered in multiple silos. That makes the job of monitoring the integrity of assessed CDAs cumbersome and error-prone. nuclear-configuration-monitoring

CVM makes it easy to manage the whole process and meet the requirement of ongoing monitoring. As a first step, CVM centralizes the configuration details in an efficient manner. Next, it tracks the available third-party vulnerabilities, including National Vulnerability Database (NVD), and matches them against the assessed CDAs, in a streamlined and efficient manner. While CVM can function as a standalone tool, it can also be integrated with Cyberwiz-Pro.  Additionally, CVM comes with built-in hooks and workflows and integration hooks for systems such as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Where possible, a thumb drive can be utilized to collect detailed configuration so that the data can be populated in the CVM repository instantly.


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