A purpose-built software tool for the nuclear industry

Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP) for Nuclear

Configuration Vulnerability Monitoring (CVM)™ for NEI 08-09

Business ProfessionalThe task of securing the CDA configuration integrity by tracking and matching the vulnerabilities to the CDA immediately after the Milestone 8 Assessment can be a real challenge. Here is a tool that will simply and drastically reduce the cost of monitoring vulnerabilities. CVM from WizNucleus eliminates the manual effort associated with monitoring stored baseline configurations. With a detailed CDA configuration database, CVM automates data collection, search, and threat mapping to the configuration baseline.

CDA Vulnerability Tracking

cyberscurityvulnerability management


  • Flexible database populated with nuclear device specific configuration details
  • Automates search of third party vulnerability databases (NVD)
  • Built-in connectors for EAM and CAP
  • Integration with Cyberwiz-Pro CDA assessment
  • Ability to collect configuration data using USB where allowed
  • Drastically reduces the cost of monitoring
  • Manages detected vulnerabilities in a streamlined and efficient manner
  • Maintains full record of vulnerabilities and mitigation plans
  • Delivers real-time visibility


An Integrated Monitoring Solution

The most difficult task of managing vulnerabilities to CDAs and conducting ongoing monitoring is the lack of a centralized configuration data repository, and the required automation for identifying vulnerabilities. Since the configuration and associated assessment data is most probably in multiple silos, the task of monitoring the integrity of assessed CDAs is expensive, cumbersome and error-prone. nuclear-configuration-monitoringCVM makes it easy to manage the whole process. As a first step, CVM centralizes the configuration details in an efficient manner. Next, it tracks third-party vulnerabilities, including National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and matches against the assessed cyber assets in a streamlined and efficient manner. While CVM can function as a standalone application, it can be integrated with Cyberwiz-Pro CDA assessment tool.  Additionally, CVM comes with built-in hooks and workflows to automate the data-gathering activity, including integration with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Also, where possible, a thumb drive can be utilized to collect detailed configuration so that the data can be populated in the CVM repository instantly.


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