Small Utilities Solution

WizNucleus Cyberwiz-Pro – A Comprehensive NERC CIP Compliance Solution Built for Small Utilities. A Cost-Effective Alternative to Expensive Monitoring Platforms

Stop wasting money on expensive security monitoring platforms.  Cyberwiz-Pro from WizNucleus is a completely integrated and proven NERC CIP compliance solution. The software was engineered specifically for electric utilities, and it comes with integrated asset management, closed-loop change management, continuous monitoring, and audit management features.  The software is currently used by a variety of electric utilities and easy to implement in production, resulting in quick return on investment (ROI).

Here’s what one of our customers is saying:

“We looked around for security monitoring and compliance solutions and discovered that they were very expensive and incomplete compared to WizNucleus CWP. We were able to implement the WizNucleus solution within no time and saved ourselves more than 70% on manpower, for a fraction of the cost of competing products,” 
said an electric cooperative customer.

Improve your cyber security protection and remain compliant

Solution for Low Impact Utilities

Low impact utilities also have the challenge of developing cyber security best practices and improving their maturity levels. In some cases, they too have to answer to all the NERC CIP requirements but with a small staff and NERC CIP Compliance Software for Small Utilitiesbudget. Maintaining a configuration baseline, tracking and applying changes, and keeping all the evidence in order can be a challenge for utilities with even a small number of BES Cyber Assets.

One-Stop – Out-of-the Box Solution

WizNucleus Cyberwiz-Pro can be delivered as an appliance or as an on premise server application with preconfigured compliance workflows and the functionality needed for a low impact utility increase their cyber security maturity levels and remain compliant.

  • Automates device baselinig
  • Easy to implement
  • Appliance, server or cloud options
  • Auto-updated configuration database
  • Preconfigured compliance workflows
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Integrated continuous monitoring
  • Automate cyber security management activities
  • Improve cyber security maturity level
  • Track and record changes to the baseline
  • Minimize outsourced manual compliance activities
  • Increases productivity with scheduled notifications for recurring tasks
  • Reduce human errors
  • Remain compliant