Cyberwiz-Pro (CWP)™ for NERC CIP

NERC CIP Compliance Management

Streamline Patch Management as Mandated by NERC CIP

Patch Management is a big challenge for NERC CIP Compliance.  Registered Bulk Electric Systems (BES) entities are required to put in place the ability to track, evaluate, and install cyber security patches for applicable Cyber Assets.  At a minimum, every 35 calendar days the entities must evaluate security patches for applicability and then take action.  The problem of managing the CIP required patch availability, validating, testing and tracking can be extremely labor intensive and prone to errors.

CWP from WizNucleus is a dedicated NERC CIP compliance management platform and integrates patch management workflow and tracking as required by NERC.Patch Management Proces Flow

  • Determine patch availability
  • Determine patch applicability
  • Validate/Test
  • Track and report on deployment
  • Import available patches and integrate management and tracking in CIP compliance platform
  • Automate mapping to asset owners
  • Automate workflows and ticketing of patch deployment
  • Automate and centralize evidence gathering