Living RSAW Module in Cyberwiz-Pro for NERC CIP

The CIP & 693 compliance platform is an intuitive solution, which is organized to sustain your program. Users can develop, assign, track, and escalate internal 693 procedures as compliance tasks with ease. Easily and consistently link supporting 693 documentation to Standards and Requirements as associated evidence in continuous preparation for audit submissions.

The living RSAW module in CWP delivers real-time compliance; it keeps your NERC RSAWs up-to-date with the current requirements, and reduces valuable time and resources spent on audit preparation. Create your own custom events to find, fix, and track issues. The compliance manager also helps manage evidence collection for NERC CIP compliance. You can demonstrate your culture of 693 compliance by implementing the industry’s most intuitive, functional, and reliable NERC 693 Compliance software solution.


  • Directives & Fulfillments – Analyzing each Standard and Requirement provides the framework that guides your compliance efforts.
  • Automatic Gap Analysis – Automatically find holes in your evidence and bring them to your immediate attention.
  • The Living RSAW – Real time compliance keeps NERC RSAWs current and up-to-date.
  • Audit Preparation – Internal self-assessment and audit readiness tool reduces audit preparation time in terms of NERC reliability standard audit worksheets.
  • Standards and Requirements – A library of preloaded & maintained Standards, Requirements, and Measures for your specific NERC registration.

WizNucleus CIP and 693 compliance software is an easy-to-use, and comprehensive platform. It supports organizations in ensuring real-time compliance in terms of standards, directives, and NERC reliability standard audit worksheets. Click on any of the links below for more information about this product.