NERC CIP Compliance Management

Cyberwiz-Pro for NERC CIP

Utilities are using Cyberwiz-Pro software to improve their cybersecurity posture and manage NERC CIP compliance.  Cyberwiz-Pro is a flexible and easy to deploy application that automates asset configuration baseline management, CIP-010 change control, continuous monitoring and compliance management in a seamlessly connected system.  Cyberwiz-Pro gives control over your overall cybersecurity compliance processes and visibility into your security and compliance posture. You get to know exactly who did what, when, how and why instantly.

Cyberwiz-Pro for NERC CIP

nerc cip compliance cyberwiz solution overviewCIP & 693

Cyberwiz-Pro is simple to deploy. Once deployed you get total visibility into your device details. As the system of record for NERC CIP, the application is designed to manage large amounts of data; Cyberwiz-Pro dynamically captures evidence and sets up appropriate activities, including schedules, tasks and electronic workflows so that your organization is fully aligned with requirements for compliance. The system lets you set up automated alerts, escalations, and approval processes to support the compliance activities and track them.

  • Seamlessly connected configuration baseline, continuous monitoring, change control and compliance management
  • Automated process flows and controls
  • Flexible and scalable software architecture
  • Auto-discovers asset configuration
  • Tracks patch levels
  • Schduling and approval workflows
  • Auto-updated CMDB
  • Audit management
  • One-click RSAW Generation
  • Automates data gathering activities
  • Increases visibility into all aspects of compliance
  • Minimizes outsourced manual activities
  • Reduces errors and inconsistencies
  • Automates audit preparation
  • Enables a sustainable compliance culture
  • Improves security best practices

Cyberwiz-Pro is much more than a task management workflow tool.  The software was built ground up for the critical infrastructure application. We have leveraged our years of experience working closely with nuclear power plant and electric customers to understand the special challenges of deploying configuration change management and compliance application in Industrial Control System and Operations Technology (OT) environments.  Cyberwiz-Pro delivers unmatched depth and specialization.

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